Gina Kothe hiking Gannett peak on rope


No Barriers Warriors

No Barriers Warriors empowers veterans with disabilities to overcome barriers and unleash their potential. We do this through transformative, experiential learning in challenging environments for veterans with disabilities. Simply put, No Barriers Warriors expeditions and other experiences provide a place for veterans to push themselves, both physically and mentally, and connect with other veterans. We believe in harnessing adversity and reminding our participants what’s within you is stronger than what’s in your way.


2001: Erik Weihenmayer, blind adventurer, becomes the first, and only, blind person to summit Mt. Everest.

2011: On the 10th anniversary of this historic climb, Erik and his guides decide to celebrate their previous accomplishment by leading a group of veterans with disabilities, returned from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, to the summit of Mt. Lobuche, a 20,100-foot peak in the Himalayas. The quest was documented in the documentary film High Ground. From here, Soldiers to Summits was born.

2012: No Barriers USA wrapped Soldiers to Summits into its organization, allowing both organizations to reach the goal of serving more veterans with disabilities.

2012-2014: Under the name Soldiers to Summits, No Barriers executed the South Pole Allied Challenge (SPAC) with Britain’s Prince Harry, as well as climbs of Peru’s Mariposa 1 and Ecuador’s Cotopaxi.  

2015: No Barriers USA realized that, while “Soldiers” was a great name, it wasn’t inclusive of the population we serve. With an eye toward aiding veterans with disabilities from all branches of service we became No Barriers Warriors. Soldiers to Summits became Warriors to Summits, which remains the name of one of our expeditions.


The No Barriers Life, a curriculum based around the No Barriers Life Elements differentiates our experiences from the typical outdoor trip. We use these powerful elements to help remind veterans with disabilities that what’s inside of them is stronger than anything in their way. After an expedition, veterans may learn some skills such as how to safely navigate a glaciated mountain or how to cook a mean backcountry meal. Though, the most important thing they will learn is a mindset that helps them overcome the barriers and adversity in their life.

The No Barriers Life

Pledge to live the No Barriers Life and you optimize your purpose and potential. Making that happen requires a gritty commitment to learning and giving your all. Through our programs, we teach people to embrace the No Barriers Life elements below.

No Barriers Life Elements