Program Structure

Each expedition consists of three phases and contains the core concepts of the No Barriers Life, making a meaningful pledge, and a focus on the past, present, and future.



The purpose of this phase is to introduce participants to the No Barriers Life, set expectations for the experience, prepare them for growth and administratively enroll participants.

We do this through a series of interactions with the participants via phone, e-mail, a mailed welcome packet, and expedition leader-led conference call. At the end of this phase, each participant has a clear, realistic understanding of the experience (itinerary, logistics, leaders, etc.), is familiar with the No Barriers Life and Pledge, and is prepared for growth.



The purpose of this phase is to provide participants the opportunity to experience the No Barriers Life in a safe environment and allow them to transform the way they perceive themselves, their barriers, and their futures. We do this by creating opportunities for participants to grow and stretch boundaries in challenging environments while encouraging them to reflect on their past, recognize their present situation, and explore future possibilities.

At the end of the phase, participants have experienced the No Barriers Life, have the tools to live a No Barriers Life, and are better prepared to thrive in their communities.



The purpose of this phase is to empower alumni to live a No Barriers Life. We do this by refining our alumni’s pledge; creating and executing a plan of action; working with the veteran to ensure completion of their pledge; and ensure they remain an active member of the No Barriers Community. At the end of this phase alumni have achieved their No Barriers Pledge, have received required support to live a No Barriers Life, and are a member of the No Barriers Community.