No Barriers Youth


No Barriers Youth is the premier educational program challenging young people to contribute their absolute best to the world.

What We Do

No Barriers Youth programs emphasize positive youth development, enabling youth to see what’s possible in their lives and in the world.   Whether through school, camp, or expedition programs, participants are put on a path to fulfill their potential, both personally and as agents of positive change in the world.

Our Impact

We serve students of differing abilities from all socioeconomic backgrounds, along with the educators and families who support their positive development.  

Our programs provide opportunities for middle school and high school aged youth to:

  • develop a sense of purpose and competence
  • grow through challenges
  • connect with others and the earth
  • give back as leaders who serve

The result is youth who are equipped with tools to face personal and global challenges, and who transition into adulthood inspired to fulfill their potential.

The Need

Youth do not have equal access to the kinds of experiences that can put them on a path to fulfilling their potential.  Because schools and families so often must focus on what’s wrong or missing first, we provide experiences, tools, and inspiration that youth may not otherwise have access to.  While we recognize the barriers in our lives, rather than focusing our program experiences on deficits and risk factors, we operate on the premise that all youth have the capacity to thrive.  

Our Model

The unique No Barriers Life Elements is the foundation for every resource and experience we provide.

The No Barriers Life:

No Barriers Life Elements