Youth Team

Andrea Delorey

No Barriers Education Director

Andrea is passionate about connecting youth to their place in the world. With ...

Julia Breul

Operations Coordinator, No Barriers Youth

Julia first developed an appreciation for the natural world when growing up in ...
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Drew Doty

Educational Partnerships Manager, No Barriers Youth

To put it simply, Drew joined No Barriers because he loves exploring the ...
Kelly Kimple with dog

Kelly Kimple

Education Partnerships Manager, No Barriers Youth

Kelly hails from the granite state of New Hampshire – live free or die – ...
Mariah Nelson hiking in the winter

Mariah Nelson

Youth Assistant, No Barriers Youth

Mariah, being a Colorado native, has always had an endless sense of adventure ...
Todd Newcomer and his child on a raft in a river

Todd Newcomer

Marketing Manager, No Barriers Youth

Todd is passionate about getting students out of their comfort zones in both ...

Nick Pellitteri

Associate Director of Colorado Adventure Programs, No Barriers Youth

The power of nature and the transformative experiences that occur there have ...
Rachel Strommen

Rachel Strommen

Scholarship Programs Coordinator, No Barriers Youth

For Rachel, her work with No Barriers is the perfect combination of her two ...