Unleash your students’ potential.

You work hard to motivate your students. Start a No Barriers Youth program at your school and inspire your students to give their absolute best to the world.

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Your students will:

> Explore environmental and equity issues

> Develop a sense of purpose and confidence

> Grow and innovate through challenges

> Connect with other people and the earth

> Give back as a leader who serves

> Have fun on a grand adventure

As an educator or youth group leader, you can participate by coordinating an Expedition Program for a group of your students, with either an international or a U.S. destination. You can also implement shorter learning experiences closer to home, such as curriculum, events, or retreats. You can even attend the No Barriers Summit, an inspirational 4-day event that includes activities, speakers, and innovation. All of our programs are designed around the unique No Barriers Life framework which gives your students the tools to face personal and global challenges, and to transition into adulthood inspired to fulfill their potential.

“I remember staring into the deep blue interior and feeling so very tiny in the grand scheme of life. The sheer enormity of the glacier was shocking, especially when I considered the vulnerability of the whole ecosystem to human impact. This moment really got me thinking about the responsibility humans have given the power we yield over the planet. If something so magnificent is in our hands, why not do what we can to protect it? “Emma, Alaska Climate Change Academy

Garbage scattered across the beach in Costa Rica

From Trash to Transformation

“Our school alone throws 450,000 styrofoam trays into the landfill every school-year – and it costs us $18,000 to do so”Molly Dunlea