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Destinations for Groups

As an educator or youth group leader, you can organize an expedition program for a group of youth that you bring together. In exchange for your coordination of the program for your group, your travel is free of charge. Groups typically must meet a minimum of at least 10 youth. Claim your dates, request custom information, or simply express interest through this simple interest form.

Learn more about Group Leader responsibilities, program cycle and a sample timeline here

2016 Expedition Destinations include:

  • Costa Rica

    The lush mountains and thick humidity surround you as the city’s hustle and bustle catches you by surprise. You notice traces of familiarity of home, but blanketed in new flavors. You see smiling faces and hear the phrase “pura vida” around every corner.  You wonder what the “pure life” even means but in your bones you feel it: you sense the harmony, the simplicity, the contentment…

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  • U.S. Southwest

    As you cross into the invisible boundaries of the Navajo Nation, the barrenness of the desert fixates your attention. You wonder how anything or anyone can survive in the sea of nothingness. You watch the bright orange sun set over steep canyon walls and feel the warmth of the earth penetrate your soul…

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  • Peruvian Amazon

    You set off on a boat down the Amazon River headed to a lodge nestled in a protected rainforest. Pink river dolphins follow your trail as blue and gold macaws shriek in the distance. Dugout canoes drift with the current carrying families to market. Large ships loaded with tropical timber carry tress to the city. The river swirls with life. You see economic progress. You see poverty. You see deforestation. And you’ve only just arrived…

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  • Peruvian Highlands

    Warm coca tea soothes your throat as it has for people centuries prior. Women carry children in beautifully woven bright satchels. Chapped, wind-burned faces tell stories of harsh conditions and limited resources. Snow-capped peaks reaching upwards of 20,000 feet tower in the distance…

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*Other destinations are currently under re-development and will be available again for 2017 travel.