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Rugged wilderness • Native rights • Powerful connection, with the land and its people

As you cross into the invisible boundaries of the Navajo Nation, the barrenness of the desert fixates your attention. You wonder how anything or anyone can survive in the sea of nothingness. You watch the bright orange sun set over steep canyon walls and feel the warmth of the earth penetrate your soul.

You begin to notice life: insects working tirelessly, plants growing creatively. You see people dressed in jeans and t-shirts, not like the Indians in the movies.  Fast food restaurants line the streets, wrappers and bottles are scattered across the sacred land. Stray dogs fight for food scraps and ravens caw in the distance. Towering sandstone spires hold stories of life hundreds of years ago. You see surprising beauty. You see scarceness. You see economic hardship and injustice. And you’ve only just arrived. You decide you want to understand. You decide you’re ready to unleash your potential and discover the power you have to make a difference.

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Set-Departure Package: 9-day U.S. Southwest

Dates: June 17 – 25

Cost for groups flying in/out of Albuquerque, NM: $2250 – includes up to $400 in airfare for everyone and all ground costs.

Cost for groups driving to/from the Four Corners region:  $1,850 – includes up to a $2,500 total travel stipend.

All costs based on a minimum of 15 paying spots and includes 2 free spots.

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