No Barriers Youth

Curriculum & Resources


Coming Soon: A free curriculum for educators!

Available early 2016: The No Barriers Youth Curriculum serves as a guide for young people as they explore their path in life and build a vision for the future.  At the same time, it helps educators bring the No Barriers philosophy into the classroom in a meaningful way by providing activities and lesson plans that are aligned to the Common Core Standards.

We all want to live a life of purpose, but obstacles can get in the way. From a lifetime of facing and overcoming challenges, Erik Weihenmayer, an athlete, adventurer, author, activist, and the first blind person to summit Mount Everest, developed what we call the No Barriers Life. The No Barriers Life is the culmination of experiences, mindset and action that allows us to harness adversity, break through barriers, and create a life of purpose and impact.

No Barriers Life Elements


If the No Barriers Life is a recipe, its unique seven elements would be the ingredients. The elements form the foundation of our experiences and shape the No Barriers Youth Curriculum.  The curriculum contains:

Questions to Explore

A short list of thought-provoking questions for each of the No Barriers Life elements. Questions can be used to prompt whole-class or small-group discussion, as journaling assignments, or themes for class projects.

Short Activities

Hands-on activities for each No Barriers Life element, designed to engage students in fun, creative ways.

Big Ideas

Longer lessons designed to encourage students to reflect deeply on the challenges in their lives and how they can give their best back to the world. Lesson plans range in length, and are aligned to the Common Core State Standards.


In addition to the No Barriers Youth Curriculum, NBY is developing a resource kit for schools and community organizations that includes:


Set of eight inspirational posters, one for each NB Life element plus one with the complete framework, for display on classroom, school, or program facility walls.

Wall Kit

Package of materials to create a No Barriers wall, where students can post their NB pledges, inspirational material, photos of activities, and more.

Activity Handbook

Plans and guidelines for community-building activities, including a No Barriers Day, assemblies, leadership club, youth retreats, collective impact project, and other ways to engage your school or organization.

Professional Development

Set of resources to support educators’ understanding of the No Barriers Life framework, and strengthen the ability to build a No Barriers community.