Continuing the Legacy of the Peaks Foundation

No Barriers Women Summit 2015 Telluride, Colo Oct. 8-11, 2015When I first spoke with Chloe Chick and Laura Borner, founders of the Peaks Foundation, I knew I had found kindred spirits.  What started for Laura and Chloe as a simple, heartfelt effort to support girls in local communities in East Africa, emerged into a successful nonprofit organization that changed the lives of hundreds of women over the course of ten years.  Around the same time as their dream began, I crafted my personal vision for the organization that would eventually become No Barriers on the Nyika Plateau of Malawi… also in East Africa.

Over the course of several months of work together, Chloe, Laura and our team realized strong synergies between our work and our missions.  We both recognized the transformative power of experiential learning through shared adventures.  We agreed that people crave meaning and impact.   And we recognized that barriers get in our way of our ability to pursue that purpose.

No Barriers Women Summit 2015 Telluride, Colo Oct. 8-11, 2015At the Peaks Foundation, they recognized the need to invest in the unique journeys of girls and women –  providing a safe environment to get out of your comfort zone, strip back layers and realize how capable you truly are.

Sound like No Barriers to you?  It certainly did to us.

No Barriers USA is honored to carry on the remarkable legacy of the Peaks Foundation by continuing to build a thriving community of women who seek adventure, a sense of personal achievement, and an opportunity to make a positive difference in the world.  Using the Peaks Foundation’s ten years of success as a springboard, we plan to offer experiences, tools and inspiration for women who recognize our shared desire to elevate and support each other on our unique journeys.