Words are good. Donations are nice. Actions are truly valued.

When I reflect back on the past 6 years of my life, without a doubt the most profound work I have done is with my friends and colleagues on the creation, development and execution of the program we now call No Barriers Warriors.

From our initial trial to Nepal in 2010 (High Ground) to the most recent iteration on Gannett Peak last September (Warriors to Summits), there is no doubt that I continue to grow from each leadership experience in ways that I cannot adequately express. I take on the role as the expedition leader, yet I am fundamentally the student, growing and evolving alongside many of the remarkable men and women that have come through our program.

From an early age we are taught to say thank you when we receive a gift or a kind gesture. To show gratitude.

I’m sure my 10 year old son grew tired of hearing “What do you say?” after he received even the smallest item… starting at the ripe age of one. But now that boy doesn’t miss a beat with his ‘thank yous’.

We are taught to express appreciation for things that we receive and actions that are done for us.

So how do I, as a civilian, say thank you to the men and women that have served our country?

Words are good. Donations are nice. Actions are truly valued.

So now… on to the reason for the season: We are currently interviewing for some solid new expedition leaders and assistant expedition leaders for the upcoming season and beyond. This is an opportunity for capable, hard-chargers to give back to the veteran community in a way that is impactful and enduring. If you have the skill set… say thank you in a way that will last forever.

Learn more about joining the No Barriers Team at nobarriersusa.org/about-us/careers/