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Troy Wynn served in the U.S. Army as a Special Forces Communications Sergeant (Airborne), a job title commonly referred to as Green Beret. He deployed to Bosnia, Colombia and South America, as well as to Afghanistan on three separate occasions. Troy loved his time in the service and saw the military as an extended family connected by their common history. Since separating, he spends his free time volunteering at a rehabilitation center for Veterans suffering from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). He sees it as an amazing opportunity to give back to the veteran community, as well as helping him to overcome some of his own challenges with PTSD. ...


Jon Webber served as an Infantry Battalion Wheel Mechanic for the US Army. Originally stationed with the 1-8 Infantry division out of Fort Carson in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Jon deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom just 11 short months after reaching his duty station. While there, he transitioned in support of Operation New Dawn. He qualified for two campaign medals during that deployment, but lost a close friend. After returning home, Jon struggled with wondering why he made it back when others did not. He hopes to use this expedition to explore healthy ways of dealing with his Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. He is excited to branch ...


James Toczko has spent the past 34 years serving across a variety of military branches and service jobs. Whether it was as Infantry Sergeant in the Army, as a part of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) with the Navy, or during his time working for federal law enforcement agencies, James has spent his professional life serving others. He officially retired earlier this year from federal service, but continues to serve as a Navy Reservist. His wife of 26 years, Michelle, and their five children are happy to have him around the house a little more often. Since his partial retirement, James is constantly on the move. In partnership with ...


John Pulido spent much of his first four years with the U.S. Marine Corps on deployment in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. He returned home and, having served out his contract, decided to take a break from service in order to attend college. John became certified as an x-ray technician, and then promptly reenlisted in the Marine Corps, this time as a Hospital Corpsman. He put his training and education to good use on deployment to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom, before medically retiring in 2016. Since separating from active duty, John has struggled with feelings of worthlessness. Through a combination of therapy, the ...


Naomi Hart’s primary duty in the U.S. Navy was as Quartermaster, an assistant to the Navigator of commissioned vessels at sea. She had numerous secondary responsibilities, though the job she considers most essential is that of mentor to junior sailors. Hart deployed around the world, engaging in support missions, routine operations, and other mission essential tasks. Since separating from service, she has found Mother Nature to be a wonderful source of therapy, but she misses the camaraderie she once had. For years, Naomi has felt her mental and physical state deteriorating, though she finally feels that she has reached a point where she can get ...


Sergeant Brian Danker was raised in the Bronx, New York by his grandparents. At the age of 17, Danker left high school to enlist in the U.S. Army as an infantryman and paratrooper. After completing jump school, he went on to volunteer for Vietnam. The nature of Danker’s work meant he was often in dangerous situations, with many from his patrol unit not making it home again. Since separating from service, Danker has continued to give back to his community. He joined the San Francisco Police Department and retired in 2013 after 28 years on the force. Brian has suffered from post traumatic stress disorder his entire adult life, though his wife has ...


Kevin Coombs served with the 2nd Battalion 9th Marines, 2nd Marine Division as a machine gunner, stationed out of Camp Lejeune North Carolina. During his time in service he participated in a number of overseas tours, including Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom, where he was proud to serve as team leader and vehicle commander. While serving in combat, Kevin sustained a traumatic brain injury, which resulted in migraines and post-traumatic stress disorder. Since separating and returning home, Kevin finds that he is still searching for the proper way to define himself as a career man. Kevin and his wife recently purchased their ...


Lawrence Carlin served as a medic for the United States Army during the fall of Saigon. He came home with a number of gifts—knowledge, the bond of brotherhood, visual impairment and other invisible wounds of war. After separating from service, he found that the mood of the general public had soured towards service people, leaving him disconnected from those around him during an already difficult period. Time—and the Miami Veterans Affair—have helped him to reconnect with his community and to be able to share his pride in his service. Lawrence enjoys getting out and participating in local activities and the opportunity it gives him to connect ...


Jason Carey spent his military career in both the US Army and the Air Force as a forward observer and military police officer. He relished his time in service, with tours to Bosnia in 1997 and Iraq for Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003. When he separated from service after 15 years, it was with a deep respect for all that he had learned. He also left with a few invisible scars, such as tinnitus and post traumatic stress disorder. Family is important to Jason and he enjoys spending his free time adventuring together. Jason and his wife Kari have 5 beautiful daughters together and recently welcomed their first grandchild. Jason loves to spend his free ...


Heather Boling spent nine years with the U.S. Air Force working as a meteorologist in support of Aviation and Army Infantry. During her time as a Battlefield Weather Forecaster, she participated in two tours to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. After separating from service in 2013, Heather enrolled in college and now works as a certified personal trainer, corrective exercise specialist and a group fitness trainer. Heather loves helping people. Seeing them come in to her gym and tell her that she has helped to take their pain away is the driving force behind her work. These interactions have inspired Heather to work towards a ...


Rolando “Rolly” Alejo spent 21 years with the United States Air Force, with the majority of his career spent in Air Force Special Operations (AFSOC) and International Affairs. Alejo trained and immersed new personnel to assigned aircraft and the AFSOC culture, as well as transitioned C-130H to C-130J aircraft for Air Mobility Command. Rolly was a part of the Program of Applied Securities Studies in Garmisch, Germany, and considers himself fortunate to have been selected to represent the Air Force in that capacity. Since separating, Rolly occupies his time with hiking, working out and participating in veterans groups whenever he can. He works as ...

Summer Clowers

Summer was born in the rural mountains of East Tennessee to a Navy man and a Buddhist vagabond. She spent the majority of her childhood getting lost in the hay fields of her family’s farm, learning how things grow, and reading every book she could get her hands on. Though she was born in the South, her dad’s job meant that Summer was raised up and down the East Coast. Before moving to Colorado, she had lived in five states, two countries, and ten cities, but she is excited to call Fort Collins her home and to establish roots in the community. Summer got a taste for international travel after spending a summer living with her mom in a small town ...

Mona Hover

Mona grew up as a military brat from coast to coast and even lived in Jamaica. She called Georgia home for high school and college and then firmly planted her feet in the sands of Jacksonville Beach, FL for 16 years. Currently she lives in Atlanta, GA.   Mona began her non-profit fundraising event career and never looked back. She developed a undeniable energy for working with those who were passionate about raising funds for causes and events they supported. She has helped plan every type of event from bike rides, walks, golf tournaments, galas and even mud runs. Her enthusiasm translates into genuine relationships that others recognize ...

Sam Horine

Photographer, Creative Director

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Founder of Baked by Melissa

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Jamie Petrone

Founder & Executive Director of THISAbility

Heather Thomson

Entrepreneur, Health and Wellness Professional, TV Personality, & No Barriers Ambassador

David Sabella

Master Teacher in Musical Theater and Contemporary Commercial Music Vocal Techniques

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Amanda Vrba worked as an Air Force Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician. Remember The Hurt Locker? That was Amanda’s job, but for the U.S. Air Force instead of the Army. She was deployed twice, once to Baghdad, Iraq and once to Kandahar, Afghanistan, before eventually separating. Her time in the service left her with a number of injuries both visible and invisible, but also with a deep appreciation for the abilities and strength of her compatriots. Amanda is currently enrolled in college, studying nursing. She is a single mom to an amazing 3 year old, and likes to spend her free time outdoors, especially if it means enjoying the park with her ...


Over the past 20 years, Brian Williams has served as a combat engineer in the U.S. Army. He deployed to Iraq in 2003, at the beginning of Operation Iraqi Freedom, and was part of the team that built the 220 mile inland petroleum distribution system for fuel. He then deployed to Afghanistan in 2008, as a Brigade Plans Officer handling Forward Operating Base expansion in support of the expected troop push. During his service, Brian injured his spine and developed PTSD, but he continues to serve his country today as a reservist. In his own words, he’s staying in until they kick him out! Brian has found that his life has changed significantly through ...


Jesse Eugene Luera enlisted in the Army as a combat medic and later, as a healthcare specialist. He deployed first to Iraq for 16 months and later to Germany, and later deployed to Iraq again, for a shorter, 13 month tour. Needless to say, much of Jeffrey’s time in the Army was spent in combat zones or training to go to combat zones. The very nature of his job meant that he saw a lot of pain and suffering; he experienced the loss of his commander and many friends. He suffered physical injuries during combat which affected his daily life, as well as emotional scars including PTSD, anxiety, and depression, which led to a painful divorce. Despite all ...


Jeffrey Hanselman worked in the Air Force as an environmental support specialist, working with water and wastewater systems, as well as plumbing with the 375th Civil Engineering Squadron at Scott Air Force Base in Illinois. He loved his job and loved supporting the Air Force’s mission—he volunteered  for deployment to Desert Storm twice. Though he never got to deploy, Jeffrey’s work ethic and commitment to service made him an integral part of his squadron. Jeffrey and his wife now live in Iowa, where he works as a stay at home dad. It was important for him that he supported his wife in her new promotion, and stepping down from his job ...


Brian Hughes enlisted in the Army in 1991 as an infantryman. During his time in service, he was deployed multiple times and ended up in places such as Panama, Somalia, and Iraq. During his time in the service, he suffered a lower back injury and eventually separated from service with PTSD. Since separation, Brian often finds that he hides his feelings and thoughts, which leads to loss of focus and frustration. He finds that he can open up more to others who are struggling with the same issues. Brian knows that he has a lot of emotional legwork to do, but he believes that he is up to the challenge. While he still struggles with issues pertaining to ...


Andrew McDaniel joined the U.S. Navy Reserves to become a medical officer. It was important to him that he be able to help people, and he appreciated the camaraderie that the service brought him. Andrew served in both the Persian Gulf War and Operation Iraqi Freedom. While in Mosul, he was hit by a missile and sustained multiple injuries, including a TBI. He was also diagnosed with PTSD. For his valor and amazing service, Andrew was awarded a Combat Action Badge and a Purple Heart. Andrew enjoys spending his free time riding his bike and hanging out with his dog. He is proud of his time in the service and enjoyed the brotherhood that the Navy ...


Guadalupe Hernandez served in the Marine Corps from as a Marine Security Guard (MSG). One of the most prestigious programs to attend—she was one of only three women in her graduating class of 80 . As MSG, she was sent to Nigeria, where she was stationed when the 9/11 attacks occurred. While there, Guadalupe experienced many demonstrations and bomb threats to the US Embassy/Consulate. Though she was proud to serve, Guadalupe struggled with anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts as time went on. The military, which had initially offered her a chance to reach beyond her life circumstances, brought bigger challenges of its own, which eventually led ...


Victor Hyser served in the Marine Corps from 1972 to 1989. While in the service, he worked on military aircraft as a F4 Phantom II jet engine mechanic. Over his 15 years in the service, Victor deployed to Hawaii, Japan, the Philippines, and Korea. He was not content with just 15 years however, and decided to join the U.S. Army Reserve in 1991, where he served an additional 12 years. Since his retirement in 2003, Victor has been feeling his old war wounds, and his age. He wishes he had the confidence to try new things and misses having his military support team. Victor spends his free time studying primitive living skills on his seven acres, where ...


Jeffery Amos served as a light wheeled vehicle mechanic with the 4th Infantry Division in the Army, based out of Fort Hood, Texas. During the Iraq war, he deployed to southern Baghdad on a forward operating base. While there, he was injured in a convoy and would eventually be diagnosed with a TBI and PTSD. He separated from the Army, and now fills his days with fishing, kayaking, and helping his wife take care of their two wonderful little girls. He enjoys being in the outdoors, but finds that he isolates himself too much and wants to reach beyond that. In his free time, Jeffery enjoys doing volunteer work to keep himself busy. His PTSD and anxiety ...

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Unlimited Tomorrow

Whitney Way Thore

Body-Positive Activist

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Sam Schmidt Motorsports & Conquer Paralysis Now

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Maya’s Ideas

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Infinite Flow

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Dr. Ann Spungen

Spinal Cord Injury Researcher

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Command Sergeant Major (R) Gretchen Evans, U.S. Army

After serving 27 years in the United States Army and sustaining career ending injuries in combat, Gretchen went on her first No Barriers Warriors Expedition. Forever changed by this experience, she joined No Barriers as a volunteer. When not introducing No Barriers to everyone she meets, Gretchen enjoys hiking, biking, running and almost anything outside. She lives in Asheville, North Carolina with her husband, service dog Aura and beloved family dog Rough Rider.

Peter Mangin

A native of South Carolina, Peter transitioned to Asheville, North Carolina after his time in the Air Force as an Aircraft Hydraulic Specialist.  Feeding his love of the outdoors, he spends his time rock climbing, canoeing, backpacking, and bushcrafting. His lovely wife Alyssa and their dog Zoey love to join him for tons of adventures together. One of his biggest passions is primitive and traditional skills. He loves being able to connect with the natural environment and practice the skills our ancestors used thousands of years ago. Peter teaches primitive and survival skills at a small school, EarthSkillsLLC, in South Carolina and it’s very ...

Kayla Moen

Kayla is California grown and still lives there today. Kayla spent 5 years in the U.S. Navy as an Aviation Boatswain’s Mate Equipment Operator on the flight deck of the aircraft carrier, USS Harry S. Truman. While in the Navy, Kayla was a Sexual Assault Response and Prevention (SARP) advocate, which has motivated her to work with veterans. She recently graduated from Colorado State University with her bachelors in social work and a minor in the German language. Kayla has been accepted to University of Denver’s Graduate School of Social Work, and in the future, she hopes to be working with veterans as a clinical social worker. In Kayla’s spare ...

Travis Lombardo

Growing up along the Russian River and coastal redwood forest of Northern California, Travis developed a deep passion for the outdoors. From as far back as he can remember, he’s been exploring the outdoors: swimming, fishing, canoeing, kayaking, swinging from ropes and anything that would get his adrenaline flowing. After completing high school, he promptly moved to Truckee, CA and began to teach snowboarding during the winter, and rock climbing & mountain biking in the spring, summer and fall. Eventually moving back home to Sonoma County, CA, he became a carpenter and woodworker as well as a team building and leadership facilitator at a local ...

Susan Barstad

Susan grew up in upstate New York. Upon graduating from college she took a job in Atlanta and quickly knew city life was not for her so she packed her car and started driving west to Colorado where she has been ever since. Susan has spent much of her career as a non-profit fundraiser and marketing professional working with organizations at the local, regional and national levels to build strategic partnerships. She is passionate about finding creative solutions to develop long-term mutually beneficial relationships and loves knowing that the work she does helps others. According to Susan, there is no better place to be than with an organization ...

Ken Riley

After growing up in New Jersey, Ken attended the University of Massachusetts Amherst where he received his bachelor's degree in Finance. During his time there, he also met his now wife. Upon graduation they set off on their long awaited road trip to Colorado and never looked back! After spending two years in beautiful Colorado, Ken can’t imagine living anywhere else. Ken struggled to find meaningful work in the finance and accounting industry until he came across No Barriers. Upon finding this opportunity, he suddenly knew this was where he needed to be. Ken is passionate about being part of a community that helps and empowers others and the No ...

Lynn Llewelyn Penny

Lynn was introduced to No Barriers' life-changing organization through her work in development and corporate communications in North Carolina. Originally from Los Angeles, Lynn spent many years working in the entertainment industry before relocating to Asheville with her husband for a family business. Lynn continued her work in regional theatre as the Director of Development for Flat Rock Playhouse, The State Theatre of North Carolina, and started her own business, 6 Pence Productions, creating “Audio Children’s Theatre,” CD’s which she licensed with Parents Magazine and sold nation-wide in Target Stores. Lynn then transitioned into ...

Lisa Emmerman Lahue

Lisa has extensive experience in the event world, planning everything from large tech conferences, to weddings, to corporate events, to small VIP gatherings. She received her BS degree from Colorado State University in Restaurant and Resort Management, and is currently finishing her MS in Organizational Leadership, with a focus in Strategic Innovation and Change Management. Lisa is excited to be a part of the No Barriers team, as the mission and values resonate strongly with her, as she has had to overcome barriers of her own. When not working, Lisa spends time with her husband, three sons, and two dogs! Lisa also has a passion for travel and loves ...

Stevie Dinardo

Stevie DiNardo resides in Chicago where she was born and raised. She took a hiatus from the city life to study at the University of Tennessee, where she explored the Smoky Mountains, became a die-hard Vols fan and earned her bachelor’s degree in communications, specializing in public relations. She honed her skills at three regarded public relations agencies before joining the No Barriers team as Associate Director of Festivals and Events. Stevie brings to the team a breadth of experience in consumer-focused content and digital marketing, influencer engagement, international integration, and event planning and execution. Stevie has helped ...

Keith Allman

Keith Allman was elected President and Chief Executive Officer effective February 14, 2014. Prior to his election, Mr. Allman was a Group President, a position he was promoted to in 2011, and had responsibility for Masco’s Plumbing Products and North American Cabinet businesses. While Group President, Mr. Allman was responsible for a number of companies accounting for approximately half of Masco’s revenues in 2012. In this role, Mr. Allman led the development and implementation of a platform-wide strategy including the turnaround of the North American Cabinet business. Prior to his Group President role, Mr. Allman had been President of ...

Harry Dalessio

Harry Dalessio is head of the Full Service Solutions businesses within Prudential Retirement, a unit of Prudential Financial, Inc. (NYSE: PRU) and a leading provider of defined contribution, defined benefit, nonqualified deferred compensation plan administration, institutional investment and participant services. Since 1924, Prudential Retirement serves nearly 7,800 public, private and not-for-profit organizations and more than 4.2mm individuals accounts for over $401.3B of retirement account values. Dalessio has held other roles at Prudential, in his previous role, Dalessio led national sales, including full service corporate, tax exempt, investmen...

Karen Diener

Karen is a Senior Advisor in the Geospatial Services Industry and for the past 5 years has run her own company, KD Geospatial Solutions, which focuses on Strategic Business Development and has clients in both commercial and intelligence industries. Previously, she was the Vice President of Business Development for DigitalGlobe in the US Defense and Intelligence Business Unit that is responsible for ~$300M in annual revenues. She has over 28 years intelligence, defense and commercial industry experience focused on imagery and geospatial intelligence, ground stations, and commercial product integration. Prior to working for DigitalGlobe, Ms. Diener ...

Didrik Johnck

As a pioneer in the world of online media, Didrik Johnck has been creating award winning content for almost two decades. He's worn many hats from Director to Producer, Cinematographer to Photographer. With a Geography degree and a passion for storytelling and photography, he thought the best way to jumpstart his career was to take nothing but a camera and a backpack and traverse the planet… seeing… doing… being… Since those vagabond days, Didrik evolved his career into creating media driven, immersive experiences and programming for online and broadcast audiences. He’s a hands-on type covering over 125 productions with 450+ webisodes. ...

Erin Rogers

Growing up in Crystal Lake, Illinois, and visiting Colorado nearly every year since she was little, Erin always dreamed of living in the mountains. That dream became a reality in 2014 when she made Fort Collins, Colorado her home. The creative outlet that has been provided to Erin in the West has offered her the opportunity to thrive. A dedicated photographer, pianist, and artist, she has been shooting, playing, and painting for nearly 25 years. Erin has a degree in Administrative Office Management, is a certified Microsoft Office Specialist, and minored in Spanish. She enjoys the diverse roles that are involved with her position at No Barriers, ...

Robert Burks

Branch of Service: U.S. Marine Corps State: Nebraska Bio: Robert is from Nebraska and grew up in a military family. He joined the Marines at the age of seventeen as an infantryman and later transitioned into communications. As a result of his multiple deployments, he suffers from PTSD, a TBI, and a back injury. Currently, Robert is a certified EMT and enjoys spending time with his wife and four children. Through this expedition, Robert is excited to escape from stress he deals with on a daily basis by immersing himself in the the outdoors. He is confident that this experience will help him clear his head and find a new way forward.

Billy Lister

Billy suffered a slow and regressive stroke at the age of 17. Every day he woke up he couldn’t do something he could the day before; type on a keyboard, tie his shoes, brush his teeth, run. After about 4 weeks the episode finally ceased and left him with a full left side hemi paresis state. Having been an athlete his whole life the burden of losing the ability to take part in sports was a tremendous strain to cope with. For many years he simply survived with his disability but in his words he was "only surviving life, not living it". Then in 2011 he attended a Paratriathlon camp for the Challenged Athletes Foundation, and got on a bike ...

Peter Thompson 

Branch of Service: U.S. Army 

State: Indiana 
Bio: Peter is originally from Indiana and served in the Army as military police officer. As a result of his deployments, he suffers from PTSD, TBI and hearing loss. Since retiring from the military, Peter earned a bachelor's degree in digital photography and rekindled his love for the outdoors through photography. Peter is excited to possibly build similar programs like No Barriers Warriors to assist veterans in their road to recovery.
 Peter hopes that this expedition helps him cope with the stress he deals with in his daily life. He is also looking to push his limits and surround ...

Jason Pike

Branch of Service: U.S. Army 

State: Texas 
Bio: Jason is originally from Boiling Springs, South Carolina and now lives in San Antonio, Texas. He served in the Army for thirty-one years as within Field Artillery, Chemical Officer and a Preventive Medicine Service Officer. Currently, Jason volunteers to assist veterans in the VA application/benefits process. By getting to know other veterans, he hopes to be an outlet for them and a source of positivity during challenging times in their lives. Through this expedition, Jason is excited to get to know other service members and rebuild a sense of camaraderie with those teammates.

Stephen Otero

Branch of Service: U.S. Air Force

 State: Colorado 
Bio: Steve Otero served in the Air Force for twelve years as a combat photojournalist. He was embedded with various air and ground military units during deployments to both Iraq and Afghanistan, documenting operations and collecting intelligence. As a result of multiple deployments, Steve suffers from abdominal nerve damage, a mild TBI, and PTSD. Steve is currently a graduate candidate in Western State Colorado University's Master's In Environmental Management program. Steve is hoping to reconnect with fellow veterans on this journey. He is also excited about furthering his ...

Harvey Kraft

Branch of Service: U.S. Air Force

 State: Colorado 
Bio: Harvey is from Colorado and served in the Air Force as a personnel superintendent. As a result of his time in the military, he has suffered from hearing loss, knee replacements, other injuries across his entire body. In his free time, Harvey loves to be outside and be active in a multitude of different activities. He is also avid about taking care of his body, both physically and mentally. Harvey is eager to have the opportunity to honor those airmen and warriors that did not make it back home.
 Through this expedition, Harvey is looking to get back out in the outdoors on an ...

Jonathan Hoeser

Branch of Service: U.S. Army 

State: Nebraska 
Bio: Jon is originally from Nebraska and served in the Army for four years as an infantryman. Jon currently struggles with tinnitus, sleep disturbances, and a seizure disorder. 
 In his free time, Jon loves being active in the outdoors, learning new things, and socializing. He is currently going to school for business and in the future, he hopes to own his own business in real estate investing. Through this expedition, Jon hopes to show others the resiliency of veterans. While he knows that each of his fellow participants has some sort of disability, he wants to show others that ...

Timothy Hilgner

Branch of Service: U.S. Army

 State: Colorado 
Bio: Tim is originally from Pennsylvania and served in the Army for twenty-eight years as a special forces officer. After several deployments, Tim sustained multiple injuries including a TBI, PTSD, and physical ailments across his entire body. He ultimately decided to retire due to his injuries. In his free time, Tim loves to be outside and spend time with his family. While adjusting back to civilian life has been challenging, he is optimistic he is on the right path.
 Through this expedition, Tim hopes to regain a sense of purpose as well as prove that he can tackle the next challenge ...

Amy Hess

Branch of Service: U.S. Air Force and U.S. Army 

State: Illinois 
Bio: Amy served in both the U.S. Army and U.S. Air Force. She was medically retired in 2012. As a result of her time in the military, she suffers from PTSD, lower back pain, and other orthopedic issues. 

Amy is a single parent of three children. She and her kids are active in academics, sports, outdoor activities, and spending time together as a family. Also Amy founded a nonprofit organization called Adonai Community Support Services, where she assists veterans with transition issues, benefits, and a wide variety of services completely free of charge. 

Shanon Hampton

Branch of Service: U.S. Air Force

 State: Nevada 
Bio: Shanon is a native of Santa Clarita, California and now lives in Nevada. He enlisted in the Air Force in 1992. During his time in the military, he held multiple positions and was deployed several times overseas. As a result of multiple deployments and injuries, he suffers from a traumatic brain injury (TBI), PTSD, and spinal injuries. 

While the path to becoming active again has been challenging, Shanon loves to stay physically fit and has participated in multiple Ironmans. Through this expedition, Shanon hopes to continue on the path of recovery to be able to give back to ...

Cynthia Douglas-Ybarra

Branch of Service: U.S. Army 

State: Nebraska 
Bio: Cynthia joined the Army because she desired discipline, purpose and a sense of being a part of something bigger than herself. In the Army, she worked as a nurse and found her niche and purpose. She served on active duty for five years and once retired, worked as a nurse for the VA. Cynthia is an endurance athlete and enjoys long distance bicycling, hiking, and traveling.
 Cynthia hopes this expedition challenges her physically and mentally. She is excited for team building and creating relationships with the other veterans on the expedition.

Marshall Davis

Branch of Service: U.S. Army

 State: Idaho 
Bio: Marshall grew up in Tucson, Arizona. In his childhood, he grew up camping and hiking in the Sierra Nevada mountains and the Grand Canyon. He joined in the Army and served as an artillery officer and was deployed to Iraq. Now medically retired, Marshall enjoys spending time with his wife and kids. His hobbies are camping with his kids, scuba diving and skydiving.

Through this expedition, Marshall hopes to get back up on his feet, mentally as well as physically. He is also excited to begin reliving as purposeful and meaningful a life as he once used to live.

Bradley Bartlett

Branch of Service: U.S. Army State: Texas Bio: Bradley was born in Chino, California and joined the Army in 1998 as an armor crewman. He served for eight years and was honorably discharged in 2005. As a result of being deployed, he currently suffers from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and has arthritis in his knee, which makes everyday activities challenging. Bradley has a wife and two kids. He loves to be outside mountain biking, playing paintball, and reading. Through this expedition, Bradley is hoping to get outside more and move past the rut of not leaving his house as much as he would like. He is looking forward to meeting ...

Britt Dougherty

Britt Dougherty, the Vice President of Consumer Insights and Engagement at MillerCoors, is leveraging empathy to create growth. Britt has been with MillerCoors since 2009, previously holding roles as the Insight Manager for the Coors Family of Brands, Director of Brand and Consumer Insights and Senior Director of Marketing Insights. Britt provides strategic thought leadership across the MillerCoors portfolio and oversees the marketing insights, media, branded entertainment and design teams. Britt has worked in Oil (BP Americas) and at a research vendor (Millward Brown), but she thinks there is no better job in the world than talking to people about ...

Mark Goffeney

Mark Goffeney Big Toe Music Mark Goffeney is a native San Diegan whose talent and ambition have helped him to achieve ongoing success as a performer, speaker and television personality. Mark has been recognized for his work internationally and was nominated for an Emmy Award for his principle role in the Fox commercial, “Feet”. Born without arms, Mark was raised to see himself as an equal in society and to value independence. With these values instilled, Mark was soon noticed by several local service organizations and by 1973 he had become a child spokesperson and principal fundraiser for Variety Clubs of America and The March of Dimes. For the ...

Brian Mech

Brian V. Mech, PhD, MBA President and CEO, eSight Corporation Dr. Brian Mech has spent over 18 years in the ophthalmology and low vision space, and has dedicated his career to mitigating the impact of visual impairment by restoring vision. Brian joined eSight in April of 2015 after a 16 year career at Second Sight Medical Products, makers of the artificial retinal, Argus II. Today, Brian’s high standards and relentless pursuit for perfection have been instrumental in the development, commercialization and overall success of what is a breakthrough, cutting-edge product: electronic glasses that enable the blind to see. Brian has demonstrated a ...

Drake Carpenter & Will Pickard

Drake Carpenter Drake Carpenter is the marketing and logistics lead on the 2017 Arrow SAM Project. He has been with Arrow for a year, and has helped the SAM team complete driving demonstrations at Pike’s Peak International Hill Climb, Sonoma Grand Prix, filming for Jay Leno’s Garage, and most recently was the co-driver for Mario Andretti in the Arrow SAM car head-to-head race against Sam Schmidt. Prior to working at Arrow, Drake served in the United States Army Infantry as a squad leader in the 3d Infantry Regiment’s Presidential Salute Battery.  Drake believes heavily in giving back to his community and serves on the Denver Museum of ...

Hadeel Ayoub

Hadeel Ayoub BrightSign Glove Hadeel Ayoub, a Saudi designer, spent eight years teaching digital design courses to girls in higher education in Saudi Arabia before moving to the UK to pursue postgraduate studies. She obtained a Masters of Arts from Goldsmiths, University of London, in Computational Arts where she stayed on to do her PhD in Arts & Computational Technology. Hadeel's research is focused on developing assistive technology pieces to disrupt the healthcare innovation industry. Her studies engage individuals with speech disabilities and children with non-verbal autism. Her goal is to design multiple wearable technology tools to help ...

Katharine Smith

I grew up in rural Indiana, taking adventures through the forested hills and rivers that were my backyard. I remember pretending to be an outdoor survivalist, building camps, and enjoying the peace of nature. I attended college at Morehead State University in Kentucky and joined ROTC. In 2005, I was commissioned as a Field Artillery Officer in the U.S. Army, stationed in Germany and deployed to Iraq in 2006. I held a variety of positions within the four years I served; public affairs, battery executive officer, intelligence, platoon leader, movement officer, and rear-detachment readiness. Ready to explore my home country after the opportunity to ...

Katelyn Sheehan

Katelyn is a USAF veteran who loves the way mountains humble and inspire; requiring resilience and interdependence of every team, developing who we are and how we show up for others. She served four years active duty in the United States Air Force, including multiple deployments in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. After her honorable discharge, she was a Crisis Intervention Specialist in the adult and children’s ERs of San Antonio. She also served in India and Nepal as a children’s sex-trafficking aftercare facilitator. When stateside, she worked for the Mental Health Association of Orange County, New York as a Veteran Peer Support ...

Karl von Zwehl

Originally from Central New York, Karl grew up playing sports and joined the Air Force at the age of 19. Stationed in Colorado Springs, with Security Forces, he was a member of the base Emergency Service Team and participated in the prestigious military competition called Guardian Challenge. After the military Karl began to hone his skills in recreation and work with people with disabilities. It wasn't until the field of Therapeutic Recreation found him, he discovered he could combined his passion for recreation with his work and help people unleash their potential. Besides No Barriers and now a CTRS, Karl works for the City of Fort Collins ...

Erik Weihenmayer

Erik Weihenmayer, co-founder of No Barriers, is an internationally-recognized speaker and brings his message of living a No Barriers Life to audiences around the world. Erik is one of the most celebrated and accomplished athletes in the world. In 2001, he became the only blind person in history to climb Mount Everest. When he stood on the top of Carstensz Pyramid in 2008, he completed his quest to climb all of the Seven Summits (the tallest peak on each of the seven continents). Erik is the author of the best-selling memoir Touch the Top of the World, which was made into a feature film, as well as The Adversity Advantage, which shows readers ...

Zach Anner

X Ambassadors

Mark Wellman

"Success depends on the ability to face whatever challenges come our way." This is the message Mark Wellman delivers in his motivational presentations and seminars. Mark has inspired millions across the country and throughout the world. His courage and determination has been acclaimed on national television, print media, by congressional commendation and at meetings with two Presidents of the United States. A climbing fall in 1982 resulting in paraplegia did not stop him from accomplishing what he loves most, fulfilling his passion for the outdoors. Mark not only went back to mountain climbing but also made history in the sport, becoming the ...



Sara Agah Franti

Sara Agah Franti, an Emergency Room Registered Nurse, was inspired by her experiences seeing the complexity of illness and healing first hand, to create Do It For The Love with her husband, musician Michael Franti. Bringing the world of music and healing together, Do It For The Love provides live concert experiences to adults with life threatening illness, children with severe challenges, as well as wounded veterans. Since being founded in late 2013, Do It For The Love has granted over 800 live concert experiences. In addition to her work in health and healing, she is also the owner and creative director of SaraLua Designs, a sustainable jewelry ...

Infinite Flow

Infinite Flow - A Wheelchair Dance Company Infinite Flow, America’s first professional wheelchair ballroom dance company, is a nonprofit organization founded in Los Angeles in March 2015 with the mission to mass market inclusion through dance and innovation. Infinite Flow is dedicated to: 1) Increasing access to quality dance instruction for people with disabilities in inclusive environments; 2) Building a world-class professional dance company, which includes dancers with and without disabilities as a vehicle to break stereotypes and perceived barriers; and 3) Creatively leading a social movement for inclusion in performing arts as ...

Spare Pages

SPARE PAGES Spare Pages is a GRAMMY™ Considered musical duo consisting of Australian born song bird Emily Rex most recently known on the hit TV Show "The Voice" and International Poet & Author Azure Antoinette. Their debut album was officially considered for the 59th American GRAMMY™ awards. They are accompanied by guitarist Jarel Kilgour, who is responsible for the composition and arrangement of their first album. They are currently preparing for a tour in the states, here in Australia and the U.K. AZURE ANTOINETTE Called "the Maya Angelou of the Millennial generation,” Azure Antoinette is a poet, Co-Founder & CCO of mulit-brand ...

Liz Murray

From homeless to Harvard...it is an unlikely turn of events. Liz Murray’s life is a triumph over adversity and a stunning example of the importance of dreaming big. Murray’s life as the child of cocaine-addicted parents in the Bronx was bitterly grim. There was never food in the house, everything was filthy, drugs were everywhere, and the welfare checks were spent before they arrived. By age 15, Murray’s mom had died and she was homeless—living on the streets, riding the subway all night, and eating from dumpsters. Amidst this pain, Murray always imagined her life could be much better than it was. “I started to grasp the value of the ...

Laura Baldwin

As a marketing manager for No Barriers, Laura’s primary focus is to reach every person on the planet, inspire them with the organization’s mission, motivate them to take action, and ultimately change the world.  A couple times a year she also has to clean the kitchen. Laura was proud to join No Barriers in the fall of 2016, recognizing the indisputable value of the organization’s programs and the need to help underserved populations. She’s seen firsthand the truth in the statement that “what’s inside you is stronger than what’s in your way.” Once upon a time, Laura found herself flat broke and on the wrong side of divine ...

Benjamin Gliszinski

Although a proud native of Wisconsin, Benjamin has fallen in love with Colorado and has been a resident of Fort Collins since 2008. He grew up loving the Wisconsin wilderness and celebrating the changing of the seasons along the coast of Lake Michigan. His love for adventure and supporting others took him to Maine where he worked as a camp counselor and certified Maine wilderness trip leader. Following his time in Maine, Benjamin continued his passion for service by volunteering in AmeriCorps NCCC and traveling the country, helping to strengthen communities and empower individuals. He joins the No Barriers team with experience in event coordinati...