Chris Nolin served as an Air Force intelligence and foreign area officer for 12 years, with assignments to the Middle East, Africa and Asia. During his varied career, he also held positions such as Air Force Survival instructor, Air Force Skydiving Team captain, and Defense Attaché.

After separating from active duty, he found reintegration into civilian life much easier with frequent trips to the mountains. Climbs to the summits of Pico de Orizaba, Mt Rainier, and Denali, along with many fourteeners in Colorado, highlight his alpine climbing experience. Chris became a certified whitewater river guide/instructor, guiding commercially on the Upper Gauley, the Royal Gorge, and the Cache la Poudre. He has also rowed the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon, and hiked the entire length of the Appalachian Trail. These trips changed his life forever, making him see himself and his place in the world with invigorating, humble clarity.

He realizes that the camaraderie, challenge, sacrifice, and goal-setting necessary to climb big mountains and run fast rivers was therapeutic, filling in some of the pieces that he misses from the military. It’s his mission now to show others, who are having difficulty in their lives due to their military service, the power and calm of the world’s mountains and rivers.

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