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PSA: MudKarts – A Story About Climate Change


A Madhouse Video Production [http://www.madmadmad.com]
Written by Rob Seiffert, Greg Jenkins and David Gawron.
The National Park Service and Global Explorers work together to promote awareness and action on climate change.


Mudkart Drivers:
Buddy - Cole Habekost
Racer 67 - Reed Gnepper
Racer 14 - Robert Lucas
Racer 27 - Emma Omlor
Racer 88 - Gabriel Omlor
Racer 36 - Carter Rodriguez
Racer 56 - Kate Habekost

Buddy’s Parents:
Dad - Trevor Kendrick
Mom - Julia Johnston

The Mud Company:
Dave Gierke
Aubrey Hornsby
Al Purdie
Rachel Rine

Nate Ballinger
Lori Brittenham
Zach Brittenham
Erin Colopy
Josh Coy
Brett Horner
Greg Jenkins
Ashley Lawson
Sydney Lawson
Molly Luetke
Rachel Rine
Sam Schmidt
Rob Seiffert
Amy Seiffert
Emily Simmons
Kala Sullivan
Jess Wagner
Rob Wagner

Rob Seiffert

Rob Seiffert
David Gawron
Greg Jenkins
Rob Wagner
Matt Rowland
Molly Luetke

Effects and mix by Level 2 Audio

Midnight Serenade - Instrumental - by Katie Herzig
Glimmer - by Louis
Nothing To Fear - by Dexter Britain

Shot on Red Epic and produced using only genuine 100% pure mud, mixed with Toledo tap water.