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No Barriers Women at the 2017 Summit

In partnership with Coors Light, No Barriers invites you to participate in No Barriers Women, a women-focused experiential track at the 2017 No Barriers Summit. Coors Light and No Barriers USA partnered to help people see challenges as opportunities and to inspire people to conquer personal mountains. The relationship began in 2016, and this year, Coors Light will be a lead sponsor of the 2017 No Barriers Summit, including new women’s focused events.

No Barriers Women’s Track

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The No Barriers Women’s Track includes a Thursday afternoon Women’s gathering meet & greet; Friday female-only 21+ activities ranging from outdoor recreation to educational panels; Friday night dinner featuring amazing women speakers; and Saturday Happy Hour open to all 21+.

Thank you to Coors Light for sponsoring the Women’s Track.

No Barriers Women

  • No Barriers Women is a community dedicated to living lives full of purpose and meaning—believing in optimism, opportunities for growth and mindful of personal and professional challenges. While embracing the energy of the outdoors, we are determined to unleash our potential and discover that What’s Within Us Is Stronger Than What’s In Our Way.
  • No Barriers Women’s track at the Summit is open to females only 21+ of all races, experiences and places in their lives who come together, creating a community filled with individuals who are seeking fulfillment, purpose and life.
  • The curriculum includes nationally-known speakers, adaptive adventures accessible for those at every level of ability, small-group experiences, and women-focused activities promoting learning and personal growth— all designed to help attendees more deeply connect with each other, transform, climb on and celebrate success along the way!
  • Maybe you are trying to figure out your next career move? Gain courage to make a big life change? Complete a physical challenge? Or just looking for a new experience… No Barriers Women is for you.
  • At the No Barriers Summit, similar tracks are available for veterans, youth and families—all are welcome!


In September 2016, nineteen No Barriers Women who met at the 2015 No Barriers Women’s Retreat together summited Africa’s Mount Kilimanjaro. They reunited with a desire to support and elevate each other, knowing as a community we can conquer more than as individuals.

Through transformative experiences, tools and inspiration; the No Barriers Summit helps all people embark on a quest to contribute their absolute best to the world. In the process, we foster a community of curious, brave and collaborative explorers who are determined to live the No Barriers Life.

Why Coors Light and No Barriers Partnered

No Barriers and Coors Light share similar missions, prompting the continued partnership. The No Barriers mission is to unleash the potential of the human spirit through transformative experiences, tools and inspiration. Coors Light launched its “Climb On” campaign in 2016, focusing on those who see challenges as opportunities and rewarding their climbs with the World’s Most Refreshing Beer.

From partnering in a Summit that fosters opportunities to overcome obstacles, to helping you find your next peak, Coors Light and No Barriers will encourage you to stop ‘saying’ and start ‘doing’.

A goal is more than a conversation starter or a thought in the back of your mind. It is motivation to take saying and turn it into doing. It’s accountability, it’s life changing and it’s easier to achieve when surrounded by those that inspire you.

Coors Light About Coors Brewing Company.
Coors Brewing Company was founded in 1873 by Adolph Coors, who chose the Clear Creek Valley in Golden, Colo., for his new brewery because of the pure water in the nearby Rocky Mountain springs. The brewery’s original and most enduring beer is Coors Banquet (Coors.com, Facebook.com/CoorsBanquet, YouTube.com/OfficialCoorsBanquet), still brewed exclusively in Golden using only Rocky Mountain water and high-country barley. Coors Light (CoorsLight.com, Facebook.com/CoorsLight, @CoorsLight on Twitter, YouTube.com/CoorsLight) was introduced in 1978 and now is the second-best-selling beer in the United States. Triple-filtered smooth Keystone Light (KeystoneLight.com, Facebook.com/KeystoneLight) is one the country’s most popular economy beers. Coors Brewing Company is part of MillerCoors, the U.S. business unit of the Molson Coors Brewing Company. Learn more at MillerCoors.com, at Facebook.com/MillerCoors or on Twitter through @MillerCoors.

No Barriers USA is a nonprofit organization that empowers people of all walks of life and abilities to overcome obstacles, live a life of purpose, and give back to the world. What barriers do you face? Whether in our personal lives, at work, or in our communities, we all face challenges that can prevent us from reaching our full potential. At No Barriers, we believe that what’s within you is stronger than what’s in your way. No Barriers empowers people of all walks of life to overcome obstacles, live a life of purpose, and give back to the world, all through our ground-breaking curriculum, the No Barriers Life.

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