Warriors Team

John Toth, No Barriers Warriors Director

John Toth

No Barriers Warriors Director

John joins No Barriers after more than 21 years as a United States Army ...
No Barriers Warriors, Expedition Leader

Jeff Evans

Senior Program Advisor, No Barriers Warriors

Jeff is the Co-Founder, Senior Program Advisor and Expedition Leader for No ...
Derek Esposito Headshot

Derek Esposito

Warriors Manager, No Barriers Warriors

For Derek, pursuing transformative experiences in the mountains is his passion. ...

Nate Gillette

Logistics and Operations Coordinator, No Barriers Warriors

Nate Gillette is the Logistics and Operations Coordinator for the Warriors ...
Sarah Olear Headshot

Sarah Olear

Warrior Service Coordinator, No Barriers Warriors

Sarah Olear is the Warrior Service Coordinator for the No Barriers Warriors ...
Dani Porch Headshot

Dani Porch

Meaningful Engagement Coordinator, No Barriers Warriors

Dani very recently made her way to Fort Collins from the suburbs of Washington ...