7-Day Backcountry


Location: Colorado, New Mexico, and Wyoming

Eligibility: Veterans with verified service and a VA disability rating, some dates have specific gender requirements, see below.

Essential Eligibility Criteria: Please review criteria 2018 NB Warriors Essential Eligibility Criteria

Duration: 7 days

Focus area(s): No Barriers Warriors curriculum, Backcountry Trekking

Cost: Entirely free

No Barriers Expedition FAQs: View other Frequently Asked Questions here.


When was the last time you spent 5 days in the backcountry trekking at elevations ranging from 7,500 to 13,000 feet with a group of 12 veterans? Probably not since your time in the service. Teams will cover between 20 and 40 miles depending on the location and elevation. All experiences are designed to push participants to their physical limits and encourage team camaraderie. Our 7-Day Backcountry Expedition are set in the middle of the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado, New Mexico, and Wyoming. These seven-day expeditions are led by four No Barriers Warriors expedition leaders.

Throughout the experience, your leaders will be there to facilitate our No Barriers curriculum and remind you that what’s within you is stronger than what’s in your way. After the expedition, alumni are welcomed into the No Barriers family for ongoing support from our community and the possibility to be eligible for future opportunities with No Barriers USA.