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7-Day Backcountry Sponsored by Rise Broadband


Location: Snowy Range, Medicine Bow National Forest, CO

Eligibility: Veterans with verified service and a VA disability rating.  Applicants and Nominees must live in CO, IA, ID, IL, IN, KS, MO, MN, NE, NV, OK, SD, TX, UT, WI, or WY.

Essential Eligibility Criteria: Please review criteria 2018 NB Warriors Essential Eligibility Criteria

Duration: 7 days, 5 of which are spent hiking in the backcountry

Focus area(s): No Barriers Warriors curriculum, backpacking

Cost: Entirely free

Dates: September 21-28

No Barriers Expedition FAQs: View other Frequently Asked Questions here.


Are you ready to head into the field again?  Learn some sick skills to help you and your team survive in the backcounty?  What about developing a new mindset, focusing on overcoming barriers? You’ll do all this and create a solid rope team while you’re tackling the Medicine Bow Range of the Rocky Mountains.  Sponsored by Rise Broadband, this opportunity will take a team of 12 veterans and four leaders to Colorado’s largest state park for 5 days in the wilderness.  

The experience begins when you arrive at Denver International Airport and meet your expeditions leaders and fellow veterans before heading northwest towards the Medicine Bow Range. That evening at our mountain camp, the team will focus on getting to know each other as your leaders walk you through preparing personal gear, group gear, and stuffing your packs for the following morning. All meals, food and group camping gear is provided; personal gear is available to borrow (see our FAQs for more details). The second day starts early as you step off onto the trail. You’ll head into the backcountry of Colorado State Forest State Park, surrounded by mountain peaks. The terrain and altitude present a challenge, one we know you are ready to rise to, as your team navigates through the forests, from low camp to high camp, spending nights beside clear mountain lakes together. You may be tired when you roll into camp each night, but you and your cook team will create a backcountry masterpiece, rest up, and sip hot drinks as the stars come out. Depending on time and weather, there may be an opportunity to summit one of the Medicine Bow peaks, including the highest in the area, Clark Peak. The final night, your team will enjoy a large celebration dinner before departing for home the following day.

Throughout the experience, your leaders will be there to facilitate our No Barriers curriculum and remind you that what’s within you is stronger than what’s in your way. After the expedition, alumni are welcomed into the No Barriers family for ongoing support from our community and the possibility to be eligible for future opportunities with No Barriers USA.



At Rise Broadband we believe that with everything we do, we connect people to an extraordinary experience. Because many of our employees and customers have served and protected our country through military service, we are honored to give back to them by helping them to return home and reconnect with their communities. Rise Broadband is proud to sponsor the fourth annual No Barriers | Rise Broadband Expedition.


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Expedition Team

Jeffery Amos


U.S. Army, Wyoming

Jeffery Amos served as a light wheeled vehicle mechanic with the 4th Infantry ...
Victor Hyser


U.S. Marine Corps Reserve, Illinois

Victor Hyser served in the Marine Corps from 1972 to 1989. While in the ...
Guadalupe Hernandez


U.S. Marine Corps, Texas

Guadalupe Hernandez served in the Marine Corps from as a Marine Security Guard ...
Andrew McDaniels


U.S. Navy Reserves, Texas

Andrew McDaniel joined the U.S. Navy Reserves to become a medical officer. It ...
Brian Hughes


U.S. Army, Colorado

Brian Hughes enlisted in the Army in 1991 as an infantryman. During his time in ...
Jeffrey Hanselman


U.S. Air Force, Iowa

Jeffrey Hanselman worked in the Air Force as an environmental support special...
Jesse Luera


U.S. Army, Texas

Jesse Eugene Luera enlisted in the Army as a combat medic and later, as a ...
Brian Williams


U.S. Army and U.S. Army Reserves, Texas

Over the past 20 years, Brian Williams has served as a combat engineer in the ...