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Words from Warriors

We can try to explain how powerful these experiences are, but we think it’s best heard directly from some of the veterans in our alumni community:

“I can’t remember a time when I’ve been quite that exhausted, except on the battlefield. It gave me this inspiration and this motivation to take on bigger challenges.”

– Aaron, US Army Veteran

“No Barriers gives me the opportunity to be with veterans like myself who have issues with being out of the military and struggle with getting back into society. I can be open and honest with people I trust.”

– Betty, US Marine Corps Veteran

“The No Barriers experience was so eye opening. It gave me clarity about what it is I wanted to do and who I am as a person.”

– Phillip, US Army Veteran

“No Barriers showed me I can still do amazing things.”

– Zachary, US Navy/US Army Veteran

“I will never forget the people I met on this expedition and I know now that I can meet any challenge by remaining positive and remembering my No Barriers Teammates.”

– Michelle, US Air Force Veteran

“One of the things I’m going to take away from this experience is learning to move forward and not live in the past, looking at where I’m going to go and not where I’ve been.”

– CarrieAnn, US Army Veteran

Each person on this team has grown tremendously. Everybody has barriers they’re overcoming. With this program, there’s been a lot of barriers overcome. It has changed my life. I’m a better father, husband and grandfather for it- and a better person.”

– Mark, US Air Force Veteran

“I am a 51 y/o female, African American, disabled Army veteran with PTSD, severe anxiety and depression. My entire life, I hadn’t ever experienced or been exposed to rock climbing. My reference point had always come from media sources and pictures. However, that changed in Colorado, August 2015 with No Barriers Warriors. Not only did I physically challenge myself, I overcame some of my fears, particularly of heights. The more my skills and accomplishments in climbing increased, so did my self confidence. Now, rock climbing is used as my personal reference to remind myself that I can overcome any obstacle as long as I continue to move forward and look upward. Thank You All, for the epic experience!”

– Liz, US Army Veteran