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Warriors Overview


Through participation in mentally, physically, and emotionally challenging events, personal reflection, and group interaction and conversation, we encourage veterans to reflect on their past experiences, recognize their present situations, and explore future possibilities – reminding them that what’s within them is stronger than what’s in front of them.

The No Barriers experience is unique because of the No Barriers Life curriculum and post-experience meaningful engagement aspect of the program that amplifies the impact on our participants.  As participants progress through the lifecycle, their experience can become transformative. When initially selected for an expedition, they begin to anticipate participating in the experience and positive feelings grow – an enjoyable experience. During the preparation phase, they get to know the No Barriers staff through positive interaction and begin to understand that we care about them and the experience builds toward becoming impactful. Through the No Barriers Life curriculum, we elevate the effect of the outdoor experience, creating a long-term, lasting impact on the participant through deliberate focus on the future and designation of specific goals and objectives.  Following the completion of an expedition and returning home, participants experience a feeling of loss, emptiness, regression or even a lack of connectedness similar to a return from a deployment. No Barriers’ Meaningful Engagement phase is designed to minimize the impact of that regression on the participant, help them focus on the goals they set during the experience, and engage them in the No Barriers community.


While there are a lot of carefully planned elements that create the No Barriers Warriors experience, at it’s core our program is: one part adventure, one part curriculum, and one part physical challenge. All of this together creates a place for participants to connect with fellow veterans and break through the barriers in their life.

No Barriers Warriors experiences range from one-day events to longer backcountry expeditions (5 day, 7 day, 10-21 day). Through generous support, our programs are offered at no cost to our veterans.


Photo Credit: Erin Frizzell, Travis Manion Foundation

  • Our program is specifically for veterans with disabilities
  • We serve veterans from all branches of the military and eras of service
  • We continue to connect with our alumni after their experience including individual support and potential alumni events
  • There is absolutely no cost to the veteran
  • We serve both combat wounded and training injured veterans with both visible and invisible injuries
  • Our curriculum creates a place where participant’s learn more than outdoor skillsets, we teach mindsets


Outdoor expeditions have taken our teams to breathtaking sites all over the world, such as:

  • Trekking through the iconic and adventurous mountains of Ecuador, Nepal, the Colorado Rockies, and Wyoming’s Wind River Range
  • Skiing through arctic conditions to reach the South Pole
  • Rock climbing at the classic, towering cliffs of the Shawangunk Mountains
  • Trekking across the Presidential Traverse of the White Mountains
  • Rafting and sleeping under the stars in the majestic Grand Canyon, AZ and Salmon River, ID

Read more about specific expeditions and programs on our Expeditions page


We intentionally build an experience that provides more than a vacation. Participants of our program will find their comprehensive experience includes three distinct phases: before, during, and after. You can read more about these program experience steps here: Program Phases


Our expeditions are facilitated by knowledgeable leaders with training in the outdoors, disability, risk management, working with veterans, overcoming adversity, and the No Barriers curriculum. Some of our Expedition Leaders have climbed some of the highest peaks in the world, such as Mount Everest, others have fought tirelessly on the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan. Learn more about our Expeditions Leaders below. If you think you have what it takes to be an Expedition Leader, email us at warriors@nobarriersusa.org.

The No Barriers Warriors staff carefully plans these expeditions and provides administrative support to the program. The staff is also responsible for guiding participants through their pre-expedition preparation as well as well as integration into the No Barriers community after the expedition. Learn more about our Staff and Expedition Leaders today.

Expedition Team

Jeffery Amos


U.S. Army, Wyoming

Jeffery Amos served as a light wheeled vehicle mechanic with the 4th Infantry ...
Victor Hyser


U.S. Marine Corps Reserve, Illinois

Victor Hyser served in the Marine Corps from 1972 to 1989. While in the ...
Guadalupe Hernandez


U.S. Marine Corps, Texas

Guadalupe Hernandez served in the Marine Corps from as a Marine Security Guard ...
Andrew McDaniels


U.S. Navy Reserves, Texas

Andrew McDaniel joined the U.S. Navy Reserves to become a medical officer. It ...
Brian Hughes


U.S. Army, Colorado

Brian Hughes enlisted in the Army in 1991 as an infantryman. During his time in ...
Jeffrey Hanselman


U.S. Air Force, Iowa

Jeffrey Hanselman worked in the Air Force as an environmental support special...
Jesse Luera


U.S. Army, Texas

Jesse Eugene Luera enlisted in the Army as a combat medic and later, as a ...
Brian Williams


U.S. Army and U.S. Army Reserves, Texas

Over the past 20 years, Brian Williams has served as a combat engineer in the ...