We empower people to break through barriers, find their inner purpose and contribute their very best to the world.

Our Impact

NORA’S STORY:No Barriers Youth: Nora's Story:

When I entered high school, I was unmotivated. On the “regular academic track,” I did not know how I would survive, thrive, and graduate from high school. Visit No Barriers Youth

Photo of Aaron wearing sunglasses at the peak of a mountain, holding up a No Barriers flag No Barriers Warriors: Aaron's Story

While deployed overseas, Aaron detonated an IED shattering not only his face but his spirits, as well.  It was not until an act of “serendipity” and discovering No Barriers that he rediscovered how to live his life to its highest potential. Visit No Barriers Warriors

Photo of Sandy and Gabe with two other climbers wearing helmets and harnesses No Barriers Summit: Sandy & Gabe's Story

Sandy and Gabe discovered in one moment that the No Barriers Mindset meant never “throwing in the towel” and instead, pushing themselves to places they didn't think they could go was the turning point. Visit No Barriers Summit

“There is a gift that my mind, body and soul received on my No Barriers journey that I embrace deep in my heart, and that is being able to dig deep again.  I get to see that obstacles are not just points in time to get through or avoid.  I know in my heart they are paramount moments to not just rise to the top, but be the top.”

 – No Barriers Participant

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