Learning AFAR

We believe that all youth deserve opportunities to better understand themselves and their place within the world.

Low-income youth face tremendous obstacles to completing high school, entering college and achieving their full potential. They often live in neighborhoods where poverty and crime are common and job and education opportunities are not. This puts students from low-income communities at a serious disadvantage when it comes to having a chance at economic self sufficiency, full civic participation and becoming leader for sustainable societal and environmental change. Closing the experience gap is more important than ever.

Since 2009, AFAR Media and No Barriers USA have provided Learning AFAR scholarships to 613 youth.

We believe that, given the right opportunities to authentically learn, every individual can reach his or her potential, live a fulfilling life, and have a positive impact on the world.

• According to the U.S. Department of Education, only 50% of low-income students graduate from high school. Only 11% complete a four-year college within six years.
100% of Learning AFAR students graduate from high school and 90% are accepted to college.
94% of Learning AFAR participants feel they have the skills to make a positive impact on the world (compared to only 45% pre-program)

Learning AFAR expedition programs are specifically tailored to provide access to transformative experiences for educators and the low-income students they serve. For 2016 we currently have funding for the following locations:

• 2 New York City Schools: Institute for Collaborative Education & Frederick Douglass Academy
• 4 Chicago Schools: Program 1: Legal Prep Charter Academy & North Grand High School

Program 2: VOISE Academy High School & Michele Clark High School

• 1 Oakland, CA School: Coliseum College Prep Academy
• 1 Fort Collins, CO School: Lincoln Middle School
• 1 Foster Care Program from Southwest Florida

Dream with Us

Imagine a world where a million youth have opportunities to open their eyes to our world and their place within it. We believe the best way to do this is to build a network of partners who are passionate about that goal. Bring your voice and resources to this transformative work.

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With questions, to learn more or to place your name on a list for future scholarship announcements, please contact: LearningAFAR@Nobarriersusa.org


To have a transformative effect on a single student is something that every educator strived towards. Meaningfully impacting the life of a few students over a career would be deemed a success. But this program, through the generous support of our donors, allows us to deeply impact far more than a few. It would not be an exaggeration to say that this trip has touched an entire school community.
Amy Boyle, Assistant Principal, Coliseum College Prep Academy [Learning AFAR Partner School]  
It is almost impossible to show students that they can be more without putting them in a situation where they ARE more.
Peter Karp, Principal, Institute for Collaborative Education [Learning AFAR Partner School]


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