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Since 2010, Learning AFAR has provided group scholarships to youth who would not otherwise have the opportunity to explore our world. Scholarship recipients participate in the standard NBY Expedition three-phased program but also complete a media project supported by AFAR media. Students return with confidence and a sense of personal ownership that shifts their perceptions and helps empower their communities.

We believe that all youth deserve opportunities to better understand themselves and their place within the world.

Low-income youth face tremendous obstacles to completing high school, entering college and achieving their full potential. They often live in neighborhoods where poverty and crime are common and job and education opportunities are not. According to the US Department of Education, only 50% of low-income students graduate from high school. Only 11% complete a four-year college within six years. This puts students from low-income communities at a serious disadvantage when it comes to having a chance at economic self sufficiency, full civic participation and becoming leader for sustainable societal and environmental change.

Annual Timeline:

Fall: No Barriers works to secure group scholarship funding

Late Fall/Winter: Scholarship announcement and call for educator applications (most group scholarships are restricted to certain regions of the country. No Barriers does a call for applications and recruitment in targeted areas. Keep an eye on our eNews and on this page for updated information.)

Winter: Educator interviews and selection

Late Winter/Early Spring: Educator recruits students to apply. Student application review and selection of team and alternates.

Spring: Phase 1: Thoughtful Preparation phase (curriculum, fundraising, paperwork and materials)

Summer: Phase 2: Transformative Expedition

Late Summer/ Early Fall: Phase 3: Meaningful Return (No Barriers Pledge and AFAR Media project and reporting back to donor(s))

Current No Barriers Youth Learning AFAR Schools:

Dream with Us

Imagine a world where a million youth have opportunities to open their eyes to our world and their place within it. We believe the best way to do this is to build a network of partners who are passionate about that goal. Bring your voice and resources to this transformative work.

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